Our sheep are an extension of who we are.  We take our responsibility to care for them seriously -- they provide us with meat, milk, cheese, wool, and help us to care for our land.  They also provide us a certain degree of companionship and add aesthetic value to our farm for us and our community.


Each year we offer breeding ram lambs, yearling rams, ewe lambs, yearling ewes, and 2-4 year old ewes for sale.  All livestock are at least 80% dairy breed genetics and have traceable ancestry.  Color availability ranges from solid white or black to mixed fleeces.  

Wool and Sheepskins

Natural and dyed spun wool, roving, sheepskins, shoe liners and more are all sourced from our sheep. We shear the sheep annually and keep the best fleeces to be spun into knitting and weaving yarns. Sheepskins are produced as a natural by-product of our market lamb process, and are tanned and trimmed for a variety of uses.  


Every year, lambing season creates in influx of hundreds of new lambs to the farm.  After selecting out the best genetics for dairy breeding stock, the remaining animals are fed for meat production.  We offer fresh frozen, made-to-order cuts available for sale.  In addition, for holidays and special events, we also offer live animals for purchase.