At Dream Valley Farm, we recognize that not all dairy sheep are quality producers.  The pedigree does not guarantee top milk production.  Detailed genetic lineage is available for each animal in our flock, as well as milk production and genetic records, including total milk production, protein, butterfat, and somatic cell counts for each ewe.  Lambing, sire and dam records have been maintained since we began our dairy journey with sheep—1997.  We know the family lines of the ewes and rams and continue to look for ways to improve our flock health and production based on this information.  

We believe we have an ethical responsibility to do our best to continue to improve the milk production capacity of the genetic pool.  Our flock has been Scrapie-free as a part of the APHIS-USDA Scrapie Program since 1998.  Our animals have been strategically selected for their production, health, and body composition, and are based out of East Friesian, Rideau Arcott, and Lacaune dairy breeds.  In addition, we are excited to be pursuing, with the Dairy Sheep Association of North America (DSANA), the importation of semen from purebred Lacaune rams from France.  

Ewe lambs

Ewe lambs under one year of age. These young sheep are typically ready to be exposed to a ram for breeding at around seven months of age.  

Mature ewes

Breeding stock over one year are also available for purchase.  These ewes come with milk and lamb production history.  Breeding ewes may be purchased bred or after lambing.  


Breeding rams

Our breeding rams are all at least 80% dairy breeds, with some as high as upper 90s dairy sheep genetics.  Rams are available as yearlings and 2-4 years.  Multi-generational production records are available upon request.  

If you are interested in purchasing breeding stock from our flock, please call or send an email to begin the conversation.  We will discuss your specific needs and what we have that can best help you meet your goals.