was founded in 1991 when Tom and Laurel Kieffer left secure professional careers to move their family to a 143-acre farm in need of tender loving care.  Tom had a dream of building an energy-independent passive solar farm; Laurel dreamed of providing their children a hands-on farm lifestyle.  

During the early years, the dream and vision were what kept the family pushing forward.  The house was designed and construction begun, sheep and goats were added, and soon a grass-based sheep dairy was established.  Pastured chickens, laying hens, and turkeys were also part of the adventure.  Over the next 15+ years, dreams were achieved and modified.  The on-going challenges of rural life kept the family always adapting and discovering ways to improve operations and products.  

Now, the kids are in their 30s and creating their own dreams in Colorado and Oregon, and Tom has left this world for greener pastures.  Laurel continues the dream by listening to the voices of the land.  Throughout the past 25 years, Dream Valley Farm has become a place for many to escape from the intensity of today’s world.

Dream Valley Farm has a spirit that draws people in and helps them to reconnect with themself and the natural world.  Please explore the pages of our webpage to discover how Dream Valley Farm can enrich your life.


Laurel Kieffer, Owner, manager and product innovations

Samwise, Chief herding specialist

Pippen, Lead product sampler

Bella, Herding specialist intern