Meat Products

Every year, our non-breeding stock is dedicated to market lamb production.  We raise or meat animals using a grain and grass-based diet.


Frozen Lamb

Our market lambs are processed locally at Falls Meat Market, in Pigeon Falls, and have been working with for many years.  We offer frozen lamb in a variety of cuts, including: 

  • Steaks and chops
  • Roasts
  • Stew and ground meat
  • Brats
  • and more!

Have a specific request of cut? Email us to discuss!  

All frozen lamb is available for pick up directly from the farm.  If you are located elsewhere and would like to discuss other options, please contact us.  


Direct Lamb

Do you  have a need for a fresh lamb for a holiday or family event?  We have many customers who come to the farm, select their lamb and take it with them to butcher for their own events.  Whether it is a wedding, religious holiday or family gathering, we would love to assist you by providing lamb for your event.  

Lambs are born between January and March, so size and availability will vary depending upon the time of year.  Please inquire in advance to discuss event timing and lamb size and availability.