Wool and Fleece Products

Natural and dyed spun wool, roving, sheepskins, shoe liners and more are all sourced from our sheep.  We shear the sheep annually and keep the best fleeces to be spun into yarn.  Sheepskins are produced as a natural by-product of our market lamb process, and are tanned and trimmed for a variety of uses.  


Spun Wool

We offer a variety of natural and dyed yarns for purchase.  We have natural colors ranging from solid, dark brown to gray to white as well as two-tone blends of white/brown, white/gray and more.  Our dyed wool ranges from commercial dyes of bright purple and fuschia to plant-based dyes in varying shades of yellows, greens and more.  

Each skein retails for $25 plus the cost of shipping.  Please inquire for more information regarding current availability and to place your order.  

Shoe Liners

These sheep skin shoe liners are one of our most popular products.  With custom sizing for your shoe size, they fit comfortably inside most shoes and provide a soft, warm base to keep your feet warm and happy.  We have customers that use these liners for their winter boots, experiencing the warmest their feet have ever been!  

Each set of shoe liners retails for $30 plus shipping.  Please inquire to place your order, including shoe size in your request.  

Other Products

From wool batting to roving, chair cushions, sheepskins and more, we provide wool-based products to meet your needs.  Whether you are in search of supplies for your own crafts project or soft and comfortable products to support you in work, play, or relaxation, our wool products do not disappoint!  

Have a need or idea that you  haven't seen here?  Please send us a message and we will discuss your needs.  Many of our products are customizable.